• A door to where? Watch your step!

  • 23 February 2012 by 1 Comments

It is amazing that we find safety hazards like this, at times we wonder, where is the common sense?

It was very evident that some major changes had been made in this home. This doorway leads to a bedroom, had no lock or barrier protecting a person from a fall, watch your step! The doorway is 90 degrees to the stairway.

The really sad part is that the home is lived in and there are toddlers and young children in the home.  As you can see, another doorway was installed but there are no hand or guardrails. Oh! And do not put too much weight on the steps!  The reason?  The stair jacks are improperly installed.

Stair Jacks

Basement Doorway

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      • Concerned buyer
      • I think issues like this are obvious hazzards but thanks for posting pics with your blogs. Its good to see what types of things I should be looking for when I am buying my home. Please keep posting…maybe some not so obvious too.

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