Frequently Asked Questions

What should the seller do to prepare the home for the inspection?

  • Make sure all utilities are turned on,
  • Have clear access to attic scuttle holes,
  • Clear access to all mechanicals such as furnaces and water heaters,
  • Clear access to electrical panels and the screws that secure the front panel,
  • Make sure all pets are off the premises or crated,
  • If radon testing is being done, please make sure that all windows and exterior doors remain closed 24 hours before the testing is started (normal exit and entry of the home is okay),
  • Clear access to and make evident where all crawl spaces are located,
  • Keep pets and children away from the radon machine, do not touch or bump it. The inspector will make an appointment with the homeowner to pick it up after 48 hours.

Does LSI perform insect/termite inspections?

No. However we would be willing schedule an insect/termite inspection with a company from the Grand Rapids area. Most companies offer two different types of inspections guaranteed and non-guaranteed. Their inspections range in price from $80-125.00 depending where the home is located, and the type of inspection you want. The decision of a guaranteed or non-guaranteed inspection needs to be made before the inspection takes place. Check with the termite inspection company for details regarding the difference between a guaranteed and non-guaranteed inspection.

How long does the inspection last?

This depends on the size of the home, number of furnaces, electric panels, etc. Generally if the home is under 2,500 sq/ft; we recommend setting aside 2 ½-3 hours.

Does LSI inspect hot tubs, pools, and alarms systems?

No we do not. We also do not inspect irrigation systems, telephone systems, nor any other low voltage systems.

Should the buyer take notes during the inspection?

We encourage your involvement. We report what we find verbally to you during the inspection. We also take pictures of major issues and insert these into the written report we give you. We provide the written report by Email within 24 hours after the physical inspection of the home. If you request a paper copy of the report, we will priority mail this to you.

Does the buyer need to be at the inspection?

Our inspectors prefer the buyers presence during the inspection. This will enable or inspectors to point out any systems that need repair or replacement. When the buyer is at the inspection, it enhances the written report greatly. If the buyer cannot be present for the inspection we can e-mail, fax or mail the report to you.

If it is winter, early spring or late fall, will the inspector test the air-conditioning?

Most likely not. The temperature needs to be 60º F or warmer for 24 hours in order to test air-conditioning units, unless it is a commercial type unit with internal heating. Running an air-conditioning compressor at temperatures under 60º F may cause damage to the compressor.

If the roof is snow covered at the time of inspection, how or when will the roof and chimney get inspected?

We can make a report on a roof only when roof surfaces are 80% or more visible and the roof is not a hazard to walk on. If clearing of ice and snow is needed it should be accomplished by a professional prior to the inspection. Your agent may be able to arrange for this service or recommend someone. LSI will inspect the roof and its components once the roof is cleared of snow and ice,  and if the roof is no longer a hazard to walk on. Returning to inspect the roof components on another day may incur an additional fee.

What will the inspection cost?

Visit our inspection price page to learn more.

If the inspector finds that repairs are need on the home, whom determines who will make the repairs?

This could be determined by the buyer or the mortgage holder depending on the type loan. We recommend that the buyer include their agent, if using a realtor, in all the decision making factors.

Who sets up the appointment for the inspection so the home owner, listing agent, buyer, buyer’s agent, insect/termite inspector are all aware of the inspection and can gain access to the home?

Our trained personnel would be happy to coordinate this for you. If extenuating circumstances requires someone else set up a portion of the appointment, we will work to make the process a smooth as possible.

What method of payment do you accept?

We anticipate payment upon completion of the inspection by means of cash, check, credit card, PayPal, or money order. Before an inspection or mold sampling report is released we require a signed agreement and payment.

Should I test for radon, mold, VOC’s, termites, or lead?

Review our Consumer Guides to learn more about these.

What can I expect from a full inspection of the home?

Please review our Inspection section to learn more